5 Smart Buying Tips for Digital Cameras

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The Camera Smart Connector, the latest addition in the Camera Gadgets for Mobile portfolio, is one such great camera accessory that lets you quickly transfer your pictures from one mobile to another with the simple use of a USB cable. This handy device not only lets you transfer photos to your mobile phone but also allows you to view them on your handset as well.

Other camera gadgets available from Camera Gains are the Bluetooth Low Energy Camera Adapter for Mobiles, which is designed to work even when the power is down; the HD Multimedia Camera Adapter for Mobiles that come with a high definition recording feature and other useful camera features; the award winning Camcorder Plus Kit with over 22 different camera controls. It also comes with an intuitive user interface, wide LCD display, an Eye-Stabilizing Viewfinder and other useful camera features. For a more affordable option, the Flip Ultra HD Stereo Camcorder with Bluetooth is ideal for those who need an all-in-one solution for their mobile phones and camcorders.

The Camcorder Plus Kit

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For the professional photographers and the kids who love to capture moving scenes, the Camcorder Plus Kit with interchangeable lenses is the right gadget for them. The lens adaptor is removable and can be fixed on any of the lenses easily. It also ensures distortion free pictures by automatically adjusting the focus as you move across the scene. The kit comes with two versatile filters to choose from – Color Filter 1 and Color Filter 2. Both the filters are specially designed for the Sony Camcorders, Sony Ericsson phones and Nokia phones.

With the introduction of the Micro Four-Tones, it has become easier to stay in touch even when you are away from your home camera. The latest addition in the Camera Gadgets for Mobile Phone range is the convenient Digital Stick. This small, but handy device can also double up as a camcorder. You can record your favorite videos directly onto the stick and then transfer the same to your phone. The digital stick has an inbuilt flash so you can record even in the dark without the need for a tripod.

Portable Camcorder

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While travelling, the ability to bring along your portable camcorder with you is essential. For this, the Hype Xplode pocket camcorder from Axio has been manufactured especially for the active travelers. This compact camera is perfect for all those looking to capture moments from everywhere, all while being ultra lightweight. The standard model of the Hype is also compatible with many Sony phones such as the Avanti phones. It can also function as a camcorder, allowing you to watch movies on any TV you have at home.

If you own a Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro or a Nokia E73 Mini Pro, you can use the bundled adapter for your camera. The adapter lets you transfer pictures from your digital camera directly to your PC. Not only does it let you view the resulting video on your PC, but you can also edit the captured images. To do this, you can use software available on the computer such as Windows Movie Maker.

Final Words

Some other helpful gadgets include the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100V which lets you instantly download photos and videos to your Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10V digital camera. The same image processing technology that goes into the Cyber-Shot Extreme HD makes its way to this convenient camera. The only difference is that it has the capacity to process the images even faster. Now that you know the types of camera gadgets available out there, you should know where to purchase them from. If you want more information about camera gadgets, you can check out my blog from the links below. Good luck and happy shooting!

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