7 Car Gadgets Every Serious Driver Should Own

Car Gadgets

It’s your second car and you still aren’t getting the driving experience you have always craved for. Well, that’s probably because you don’t have the necessary car gadgets. Whether it’s a dashboard grip pad or a small car vacuum, there are certain gadgets that can take your commute experience to a whole new level. Here is a list of car gadgets and accessories every serious driver should have in his car. 

Dashboard Grip Pad

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You always need something that will hold those small items in one place securely. A dashboard grip pad comes into play here. This grip pad is generally made of silicone and needs no installation as it easily sticks on the dashboard. Dashboard pads usually have more than one compartment so that you can store your keys, sunglasses, etc. with ease. There are models that even allow you to mount your smartphone. Just make sure the dashboard grip pad you are buying is anti-slip, high-quality, and of the right size.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Who doesn’t love listening to music on-the-go? A Bluetooth FM transmitter will not only help you listen to your favorite playlists but also make hands-free calls, do navigation, and reply to text messages. This device acts as a personal radio station with all those cool features. Not to mention, most Bluetooth FM transmitters come with an integrated microphone to handle your voice commands. They support a wide range of devices and usually have more than one USB charging port. 

Car Vacuum Cleaner 

A car vacuum cleaner can’t be overlooked when it’s about necessary car gadgets. A good vacuum cleaner will pick up invisible dust particles and crumbs from even the tightest spaces. While buying a car vacuum cleaner, go for the equipment that’s small, smart, and lightweight. The vacuum cleaner should have multiple attachments to clean all types of stuff including liquids. You can settle for a cordless cleaner that can be easily charged via USB. Just make sure the vacuum cleaner has a long battery life and is not too complex to use. 

Mini Air Freshener 

Get rid of all those smells from your beloved car with the help of a mini air freshener. A good air freshener soaks up moisture, dirt, and odors in no time and keeps the car smelling fresh every time. Some air fresheners contain essential oils that improve mood and even cure depression. Get something like a gel-based freshener or perfume air freshener that can make your car smell great for up to 40-60 days. You can also go for a natural air purifying bag if you are allergic to strong smells. Such purifying bags generally feature bamboo charcoal fabric construction and are entirely safe to use.

Mini Electric Cooler & Warmer

Nothing feels bliss like drinking a cool beverage on-the-go during scorching summers. No doubt you can stop your car anytime to buy your favorite beverage; a mini electric cooler is a must if you spend a lot of time driving. A mini-fridge can operate through a USB cable and requires less power. Some mini electric coolers also have a heating function to keep drinks/food warm during winters.

Portable Espresso Machine

If you love drinking coffee now and then at work, get a portable espresso machine. Keep this portable coffee maker in your car to enjoy a cup of hot espresso anytime you want. No need to get a giant machine as a mini espresso maker is ideal to offer a quick espresso from the comforts of your own car.

Car Health Monitor

If something bad happens to your car, you get it diagnosed by a mechanic. A car health monitor will help you keep your car in check by yourself and take necessary actions on time. Such a device is programmed to offer real-time alerts via an easy-to-use interface. This way you can diagnose a problem in your car and get a prompt solution for it.

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