10 Best Smart Car Accessories For The Ultimate Road Trip

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Your best luxury car has oodles of comfort, style, performance, and design. However, there are some car accessories that can help you elevate the comfort and luxe quotient of your car. These car accessories are not installed at the time of manufacture by the car companies because everyone has a different preference and choice. Here we have selected some of the most commonly chosen the best smart accessories for cars.

gadgets and accessories for cars
Gadgets and Accessories for Cars

Smart Accessories For Cars

Armrest Car Adjustable Elbow Support

If you drive long distances then having a car armrest is must if you want to travel in comfort and luxury. Often best luxury cars do not have armrests as they have to make uniform designs matching the preferences of everyone. But if you travel solo and feel the dire need of a car armrest then we have just the perfect gadget for you! This detachable car armrest comes with extra storage space. It is a cushioned device with soft leather for the driver to be able to rest his or her hand. All you need to do is to insert it beside the car seat and it requires no installation. The leather arm-rest is made with ABS plastic and microfiber leather. It features dimensions of 23 x 19 x 6 cm. Since it is made from leather, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Auto Organizer Backseat Leather Storage

This lovely car organizer helps you keep all the things sorted and neatly organized in your car. The organizer is made from Oxford or Leather and you can choose any type. This device can store all types of personal goods such as wallets, napkins, tissues, nut boxes, water can, pringles box, tablets, chargers and many other things. If you love to travel with all kinds of nick-knacks and find them all strewn in your car, then this organizer can help you keep your stuff securely so that you know where to look for when you need something. It has 10 bags or pouches for different articles. The organizer can be installed easily behind the car seat.

smart accessories for cars
Smart Accessories for Cars

Auto LED Car Light System

This Auto LED light strip has four pieces of LED lights for your best luxury car. It is a device to decorate your car and to give it a funky look. Don’t you want everyone to notice you car when you drive on the roads. This LED light will attract everyone’s attention. The lights are programmable and can be synced with your favorite music. They are waterproof and so you don’t have to worry about them getting spoiled in rains. The lights can be controlled from an app in your smartphone. These are available in two sizes such as 60 cm x 90 cm and 90cm x 120 cm.

Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Holder

A car holder is a must for your BMW expensive car. Not only does it keep your costly smart phones safe and sound but also enables you to check important maps, routes and calls while driving. This universal car mobile holder has an easy clip feature and a 360 degree rotation. It can easily clip onto the air vent in your ar. All you need to do is to just put and remove your phone easy and fast into this holder. The holder also has a secure magnetic grip which prevents your phone from falling off.

Cool accessories make your best luxury car even cooler. Have a look at these devices and take your pick. Choose the best smart accessories for cars and elevate your comfort quotients.

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