Best Antique Kitchen Cooking Gadgets

best cooking gadgets

There are many antique kitchen gadgets available on the market since many years now to cater to the likes and preferences of many home makers. These appliances, as their name suggests, ooze of a antique or traditional feel and are great for those who are not too fond of the modern types available on the market. These appliances function as well as the contemporary ones today, yet have an antique outer look.  Let us explore some of the best antique kitchen gadgets range.

Antique Refrigerator

A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

The Big Chill Brand’s antique kind refrigerator is a cool blend of vintage vibe with a modern performance. It is one of the most popular designs today. It has a massive capacity of 20.5 cu.ft. The superior size helps in accommodating fresh food items for a large family or a house full of guests. It has vintage-inspired details such as a stamped metal body, pivoting handle, chrome trim and a charismatic charm. It is also Energy Star efficient and is available in nine cool colors especially curated to bring about a vintage authenticity.

Antique Stove

A woman preparing food in a kitchen

The earlier 36-inch stove from Big Chill inspired this design as well. It has full motion grates that lets you easily slide huge pans and pots from the front to the rear burners without having to lift them. The stove has a big capacity of oven. The authentic chrome trim and handle delivers a sleek vintage look. But the stove works as a contemporary one available today. It is perfect for those who love to bake. It can fit in a commercial-sized baking sheet. The color-rich finish ensures that you do not get VOC fumes in your home. It can be customized in more than 200 shades.

Old-School Electric Wall Oven

If you want the same wall oven as the one found in your aunt’s house, then you should get this electric wall oven. It can make the best cookies and also look very vintage. The oven has the most modern capabilities, while oozing of vintage vibes as well. It is the best of both worlds. It can fit in the wall or it can even be stacked vertically. It oozes a nostalgic look, without making you compromise on the functions. 

Antique Induction Cooktop

This induction cooktop is a sleek and versatile cooktop with an advanced working technology. It allows you to combine working with gas along with safety features. The cooktop comes with a ceramic top and heating zones that can adjust to the size of your cookware easily. The induction cooktop comes with nine heating levels that give your extra temperature control. You can pair this one along with your wall oven to give you an amazing performance and cooking experience.

These are some of the best antique kitchen gadgets that you can try for  your own home kitchen. You can buy all these for your vintage holiday home set-up as well and enjoy a holiday back in time whenever you can!

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