The 5 Best Cool Car Accessories In 2020

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Most luxury car brands are very careful about accessories and interiors they are installing in their cars to make them most comfortable and to enhance the luxury quotient. However, some accessories depend upon personal preference, and hence, they cannot install it at the time of manufacturing the car. Such car accessories can be shopped online from various eCommerce sites depending upon your choice and need. Here is a list of some amazing and cool car accessories which will definitely enhance the luxurious feel and comfort level of your car.

cool car accessories
Cool Car Accessories

Cool Car Accessories You Must Buy

Air Filter Car Portable Purifier

No matter how much you vacuum your car so keep it clean and dust-free, you cannot always keep the dust mites or foul smell away from your interiors. This cool portable air purifier is made just for your luxury car brand. This car air filter purifies the air inside your vehicle and it can be remotely controlled through an app. It has double fans designed in such a way that it can maximize the airflow and also maintain the air wind pressure at a stable and sustained rate. This purifier is also amazingly silent. It takes around 3 to 7 minutes to clean the air and works on the power of 6.5 W. It requires a voltage of 12 V. The benzene removal rate is 99.00%.

Air Freshener Car Air Conditioning Vent

The worst thing to experience when you sit in any luxury car brand is the stinky smell inside the car. It is not the fault of the carmakers or the car owners because sometimes, the air is damp and is not able to get a refresh. At such a time, to avoid foul smells in your car, you can get this cool air freshener air conditioning vent. Devices like these enhance the feel of your luxury car brands. This vent exudes aromatic smells. It does not take up much space and is very easy to carry around. This vent is available in many colors such as black, silver, blue and red. It gets rid of bad odor within minutes. The vent is made from ABS plastic.

Best car accessories
Best car accessories

Air Humidifier Mini USB Mist Maker

Babies often have a stuffy nose. Their immune systems are not strong enough and hence they catch a cold or have a dry cough very often. If you travel long distances often and have a small baby to travel with you, then owning a car humidifier will be the best decision. These cute humidifiers make the air inside your car moist and humid so that your baby can breathe easily. This device is also very useful for asthma patients who often experience wheezing and difficulty in breathing in dry air. The cute little mini humidifiers can be kept on the dashboards. These work on ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation technology. They refresh the air and also moisturize your skin. The device shuts down on its own after 5 hours of working. It works on USB power supply and has a capacity of 180 ml each.

Cute Car Accessories Funny Bobblehead

This cute set will definitely up the style quotient of your big luxury car. These bobbleheads feature funny emoji faces and you can be highly entertained with these on the ride. These heads can be stuck on the dashboard in the front with the adhesive tape given in the package. Made from plastic fiber and featuring dimensions of 6.5 x 4.5 cm, these can be used to decorate or can be gifted to someone with a big luxury car too. They wobble as you drive and are fun to watch.

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