Car Gadgets 2018 Make Your Drive More Convenient

car gadgets 2018

Technology is growing rapidly, everywhere. In today’s world, staying updated is vital. Have you ever wondered if you must add any additional accessories to your car? It is not enough if you just buy a car and drive it. You must stay updated. Your car must stay updated. Like staying updated is important in your lifestyle, a car also deserves the same. Be it even the smallest accessory needed, purchase and make use of it. Do you know the advanced features that were released in 2018? If not, let us see:


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• Ztylus Stinger

• Voxx Headrest Monitor

• Smartphone Mount

• GPS Tracker

• Fobo Tire Plus

• USB Charger

  • Ztylus Stinger:
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The Ztylus stinger is a very useful accessory every car should have. If any windows or door gets jammed, the Ztylus stinger comes to the rescue. You can break the window glass or dashboard to exit from the car. Useful, right?

  • Voxx Headrest Monitor:

Headrest monitors are an essential part of every car now. Gone are the days of in-built screens in your car. Voxx monitors are exclusively meant to replace the in-built monitors. You will also find a DVD player with a monitor. There are different sizes of monitors. You can choose them according to your choice.

  • Smartphone Mount:

Be it a cab, or your car, a smartphone mount is very important. It is highly risky to talk or use mobile phones while driving the car. To ride safe, and to make it more convenient while driving, a smartphone mount must be used. Even if you want to track the route, navigation is easier with the smartphone mount right in front of your eyes, in the car. Grab your smartphone mount, install it in your car, and have a safe ride.

  • GPS Tracker:

If you are lost somewhere with the directions, a GPS tracker will help you. It is a handy accessory that can be installed in your car, and used for collecting information about the route and directions.

Do you know? The portable GPS tracker by Spy Tec assists the person to know the entire specific and details if he/she parks the car outside the limits of a predetermined area. You will be notified through mail or text.

  • Fobo Tire Plus:

The lifetime of a tower is unpredictable. If they are inflated well, they will last longer. This is when the Fobo tire plus comes into action. Instead of a pressure gauge, you can use the Fobo tire plus. The accessory makes sure that the tires are adequately inflated.

  • USB Charger:

Imagine planning a trip, happily traveling, but forgetting your mobile charger? Do not worry. Purchase the Scosche charger and carry it in your car. The charger has multiple ports for charging mobiles. It is affordable and available in different colors.


In a conclusion, buying the proper accessories for your car is very important. Be it a small one or even a larger one, make sure to stay updated.

Happy driving!

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