Cool Laptop Gadgets

In life, you must have tools that can help you be a better person, a better student. They can be one of the things that can help you the most and teach life lessons. Those tools teach us to live, not to be wrong, to learn. But we are not talking about emotional tools, nor of those, we use to fix the car, the house, or household appliances. These are the cool laptop gadgets that we use or will use in the future, and that can change the laws of how we work, that can get us out of trouble or just for fun.

Power Bank

Cool Laptop Gadgets For Your Windows
Cool Laptop Gadgets For Your Windows

You no longer have a battery, and you do not find a plug. If this happens to you often you should consider a power bank, use for phones, laptops, and even tablets. This is counted among cool laptop gadgets available in the market.


Protecting your backpack may be one of the most important things. Bringing it in a case may work, but in a backpack, you are more careful.


You can save any file, photo, whatever you want, but thanks to today’s technology, it only has one problem. The ports of your laptop. If your device does not have this port, we will talk about an adapter.

Multi-Port Adapter

Cool Laptop Gadgets For Your Windows
Cool Laptop Gadgets For Your Windows

At present, many computers do not have HDMI, USB, etc. ports. But what if we need to download or transfer a file from one computer to another, a projector, or a Smart TV? For that, some adapters connect to your laptop and have more ports where you can insert SD cards, USB, etc.

Camera Cover

This protects you against hackers. It is a small cover with a small protector that slides from one side to the other and covers the camera when it is not in use. Many people, instead of buying one of these, put some kind of stamp but that will only damage your equipment.

Hearing Aids

We all like to relax and listen to music while we work on something. Today some headphones cancel outside sounds, which allow outside sound to enter to be aware of your surroundings.

Stylus Pen

To all fans of drawing, stylus pens have arrived. If you love Apple and have one of their computers, you won’t be able to use it unless you use your iPad. Today most computers have been built with touch screens, and all those designers who like to make a quick sketch of an idea that these pens have can help you achieve it.


Every time the devices that the consumer buys are more fragile and somehow, companies make them of glass. Some computers fall into this issue (such as Macs) if these fall protection covers are useful.

They probably won’t help you to do your job better or move in seconds from one place to another like an autonomous car. Still, the truth is that these portable, technological, and cool laptop gadgets are very original, practical, and useful for carrying out your daily activities, which, in some cases, become frustrating.

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