Coolest Spy Gadgets Of All Time

Every time people watch a spy movie, they often wonder if the state-of-the-art gadgets that they see are real. Well, it turns out that some of these spy gadgets exist, and you can have some of them in your home.

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Spy Cameras

Spy cameras are used to gather information in a hidden way. The information is power, and if it is in video format even better. That is why spy cameras are increasingly used in research and espionage work as well as in private security systems. Here are two of the coolest spy gadgets of all time.

What Are Spy Cameras?

Hidden cameras or mini spy cameras are devices for viewing and recording images – and in many cases also audio – with high resolution.

Its main characteristic is that they combine state-of-the-art technology with a design focused on reducing the dimensions of the device so that it can go completely unnoticed in any environment.

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There are many types of spy cameras; and it is that as it is deduced of its name, they must be able to camouflage themselves or to be used in any place without nobody noticing.

We call them spy cameras or hidden mini cameras, but the truth is that they are not only used in the espionage sector. Increasingly they are used in security and video surveillance systems.

Types Of Camera

Within the mini spy cameras, there are different types for each case. They are the following:

  1. Spy cameras for integration. These mini cameras are designed to be integrated into another object. It has very small dimensions so that it can be placed anywhere, for example, a stuffed animal, a decorative element of the house, etc.
  2. Cameras camouflaged in objects. A wristwatch, a peephole, an alarm clock, a screw … These elementary elements of our daily life can hide a mini spy camera. With a monitor (television or computer) and cable, you can mount a CCTV, and you could even add a video recorder to store the images.
  3. Spy cameras with recording. They have a very small size to place them anywhere without attracting attention. These spy cameras are also some of the most used in meeting rooms or workplaces, vehicles, etc. It can record images, be programmed according to a schedule, by motion detection, etc.
  4. Spy cameras without recording. They usually connect to a video recorder to store the images and create a CCTV in companies, factories, stores, neighborhood communities, etc.

Spy Microphones

Spy microphones, just like spy cameras, are common, but very effective. The spy microphones are devices manufactured with high precision nanotechnology recorded and modulate the sound, with the ultimate aim of transmitting and/or hear what happens in one place.

These spy microphones are manufactured with first quality materials and in many cases camouflaged in other objects so that they go completely unnoticed in any environment.

Depending on the type of microphone they only allow to listen remotely or they also have the autonomy to record.

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Types Of Spy Microphones:

  1. GSM microphones. It is one of the best sellers currently. Its operation is very simple. Simply enter a SIM card inside (can be any operator). Later, with a call to that number, the user will be able to listen to all the audio that the microphone is capturing at that moment.
  2. Spy microphone and voice recorder. Many spy microphones are much more than that, and they also allow you to store files. In this way, a simple pen or a clock will record everything it captures inside. This possibility multiplies the functionality of the spy micros. They serve both indoor and outdoor.
  3. Spy wall microphones and contact microphones. This type of microphone works in direct contact with the source. Its most important advantage is that they provide an enormous sound quality, eliminating all types of interference or noise. It works on walls up to 60 centimeters.
  4. VHF spy microphones. They have a microphone, a receiver and a transmitter that transmit the information in the VHF frequency band. It is a high sensitivity device.
  5. FM spy microphone. Its operation is very simple and can be easily hidden, they are recommended to capture ambient sound.

Directional spy microphone. They are very sensitive when they are directed in a specific direction, ignoring the surrounding signs. They are the best option when you want to capture a very specific sound with great quality. They are also used a lot in the observation of birds and other animal species.

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