Enhance The Luxury Of Your Vehicle With These New Car Gadgets

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Expensive cars usually have a lot of features in-built so as to offer maximum luxury and comfort to the passengers and drivers. But often, there are some new car gadgets and accessories that you have to buy separately if you want to add some more value added features. These are not in-built in the expensive car from the beginning because it depends on user preference. Here we have some of the best accessories for your expensive cars to upgrade the style quotient, luxe quotient and also to add maximum comfort and convenience.

New Car Gadgets you must invest in

Here is a list of new car gadgets you can consider buying:

360° Back Seat Headrest Mobile Device Holder

This kind of new car gadgets are easily available in car showrooms or accessory centers. Pick up a mobile device holder to enhance the comfort quotient of your car. A mobile device holder is a delightful car accessory for your kids and adults alike. It is an easy to attach device that prevents you from having to hold the ipad in your hand while travelling. It can rotate up to 360 degrees. It easily mounts the tablet and adjusts to the headrest. It is perfect for reading or watching movies while travelling. Kids can also install it themselves and will need no help for using this.

Stainless Steel Insulated Car Electric Heating Mug

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A durable stainless steel heating mug is the perfect accessory for you expensive car if you love to travel long distances and also love sipping on hot coffee or tea. An electric heating mug has a USB warmer, which can easily heat your beverage by plugging in. You can also feed warm milk to your baby while travelling with the help of this device. The capacity of this mug is varied and the 400 ml is most ideal. This heating mug is also insulated. It comes in a lovely and elegant steel body and is leak-proof. The leak-proof feature makes this gadget very convenient. 

3 in 1 Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter

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A cool device to possess in your most well-known luxury cars, a three-in-one cigarette lighter comes with 3 holes to light your cigarette. Not only a cigarette lighter, but this product can also be used as a car charger for your phone. It also has an interesting feature in which it can detect how many voltages the gadget would require. It also has a 90 degrees feature in which you can sway the gadget as per your direction requirement. So, when you dress up your cars and get the interiors done, ask your showroom person to show you this car cigarette lighter splitter device. This gadget is very useful for those who smoke.


Add more convenience and luxury to your cars! We highly recommend you to invest in these new car gadgets to make your car your haven of comfort and convenience. These gadgets ensure that you have all at your disposal even while traveling in a car. So invest in these and many more to make your car journeys as comfortable as possible.

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