Food For Your Energy-Hungry Gadgets-The All- Power Bank

A power bank is like carbohydrates to your brain. Charge on the go! Power banks are used to charge your devices when they are running out of battery on the go and in case of energy shortage issues. However, to charge the devices they themselves need to be charged. And they can be very easily charged either by plugging in the wall socket or connecting to the laptop. And Voila you are good to go!

Charge Your Power Bank

Food For Your Energy-Hungry Gadgets-The All- Power Bank
Food For Your Energy-Hungry Gadgets-The All- Power Bank
  • Unnecessary charging decreases the lifespan of any device. The same is true for the power bank as well. Charge it only when required. Moreover, it comes with four led lights on the side part of it. If all the lights are lit up that means the battery is fully charged. As the charge keeps on decreasing so does the led lights. Charge the power bank ideally when 2 lights reflect. If only 1 light is reflecting charging is a must to keep the device alive.
  • Each and every device comes with a USB cord and a wall socket. The smaller end of the USB cord is to be connected to the device while the larger end is to connect to the wall adapter. After the connections are done properly, plug in the adapter to the socket for charging.

More Tips About Power Bank

  • In case if on the go or no walk socket is available near you, you can also use a laptop as an alternative to charging the power bank. Though it will take a longer time to charge when connected to the laptop than the wall adapter.
  • Here also similar the plugging of small cord to the device and the larger one is to be connected to the laptop. The charging starts.
  • Let it charge for the required time as mentioned in the user manual of the power bank. Do not overcharge it as it will drain the device out of the essential lifetime or in the worst case may even explode. Usually, it requires about an hour or two to charge it the maximum.
  • In most power banks while charging the lights blink on and off and once completely charged they lit up to the full. However, if the lights are not functioning properly, considered the time said in the manual for charging and disconnect from it once completely charged.
  • After it is completely charged, check for reassuring for its charge by connecting a device. If the device starts charging up, the charge of the power bank has been completed.

Energy efficiency-

Black Coated Cord
  • A wall adapter socket charges it faster. So unless if not extremely urgent stick to charging by wall adapter than the laptop.
  • Always make use of the cord that has been provided with the power bank for charging as it optimizes the charging process.
  • Charge it only as much required or till the lights stop blinking. Overcharging the device will shorten its lifespan along with the energy wastage done on overcharging.
  • Simultaneously charging other devices along with the charging of the power bank will enhance its battery life as it won’t be required that frequently for charging other devices.

Final Thought

A power bank helps in charging the devices on the go or while traveling without carrying too many cords. This, therefore, make it a one-step simple charging station.

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