Get Smart Gadgets For Your Trips

get smart gadgets

This is one line of products that will allow children to know how to play games and learn while having fun. One example is a toy machine gun. This gadget, when it shoots a BB, makes the child think he has killed someone. In this way, this gadget stimulates the senses of the child and teaches him how to kill properly.

Get Smart Gadgets Golden Gun

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This toy is called the Get Smart Gadgets Golden Gun. It uses a remote control clip to reload the gun with cartridges. When the clip is removed, the child can point it at his opponents and pull the trigger to fire a shot. A special application software is installed on the Golden Gun to enable you to use it to record video and photos and store them on your computer.

Another of the Get Smart Gadgets is a pen that makes the user drink coffee out of a machine that makes a sound like a machine gun. This pen also has an alarm clock, a calculator and a stopwatch incorporated into it. This gadget does not use batteries. Instead, it works on a charge that comes from the USB port of your computer. It is called the Coffee Power Pen and it is available in the colors of blue, green and red.

The Get Smart Gas Pen

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If you are wondering what the Get Smart gadget is, here it is! The Get Smart Gas Pen is a paper tape recorder and a laser blazer. It records audio and video and stores them on its internal memory card. When you are done recording, simply remove the memory card from the Get Smart Gas Pen and plug it into an appropriate port on your computer. Record your entire day or a week’s worth of events in the simplest way.

If you are interested in a more military device, the Get Smart Gas Mask is the perfect gadget for you. It has an automatic firing pin that will keep the recording for up to one year. It also has an electronic listening device which will let you know when the recording has ended. A protective rubber shield protects the mask’s face and the firing pin when it is not used.

The Get Smart Gas Mask

The Get Smart Gas Mask has two recording modes. One is a quiet mode, which does not activate the recording unless you press the button. In this mode, it will only record the conversations. The second recording mode is the loudest, which will record everything. It will record everything even when you are not wearing the gas mask.

To make the recording, just turn the recorder on, set the time you want to record and press the record button. The device is protected by a powerful anti-tampering system. If you are worried about people recording you without permission, you can also buy a bullet proof cigarette lighter gun. The bullet-proof pen that you will use will enable you to record without anyone recording your actions.


Don’t forget to get some other fun and creative get smart gadgets. It is important to have good things around you just in case you get lost or in trouble. While it may seem silly to carry flashlights and pens when you’re camping in the woods, these small items can actually come in handy. A flashlight can keep you from getting lost in the dark and a pen could help save a life. So if you’re planning a camping trip soon, be sure to pack these important items!

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