Smart Gadgets 2016 – Options For You To Choose From

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Everybody has the craze about getting a smart gadget for themselves and it has now become more than just a device that helps you become more efficient. People are expecting to purchase the trendy gadgets while it is in the trend. From modifications in smartphones to new gaming consoles, this has been a great year for innovative gadgets. Technology has been advancing our lives every single day and making life simpler for us. This year, a lot of smart gadgets were launched that people found to be very amusing. 

Smart Gadgets 2016 – Apple Watch Series 2 

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You will be stunned when you know what all this small machine on your wrist can do. Watches are no longer just for checking the time. They have advanced so much now that they can do stuff, we never even imagined them to do. Apple launched its watch series 2 this year and also introduced two major software updates for them in the very year. Additionally, Apple added the waterproof feature, a GPS, and a lot more! This is no longer just a watch on your wrist. The new software modifications are specially introduced so you can have a forever fitness buddy with you. Be it running, swimming or cycling, this watch will keep a track of all your activities. It will also track your sleep. 

Smart Gadgets 2016 – Amazon Echo Dot

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Amazon echo dot and its virtual assistant, Alexa. This gadget has been made to make your life cooler and more luxurious. This speaker has an inbuilt voice assistant that listens to your commands and performs tasks you ask her to do. Well, its but obvious that you cannot ask her to clean your room. We maybe have to wait a few more years for something like that. But for now, Alexa with this Amazon Echo dot will do. You can ask Alexa to play any sort of music or to also search for something on google. Not only that, but you can also add groceries to your amazon basket just by saying it to her! The Amazon echo dot brings an amazing voice-centric interaction to your house. 

Smart Gadgets 2016 – PlayStation VR

This might just be the coolest thing you have ever seen or heard of. This device will you to experience a lot of places right from your home. All you have to do is set an environment, wear the VR, hold the joysticks and you are ready to go. You can go skiing, play games right inside your home! You obviously won’t be doing those things, but they will feel just as real. The joysticks have various buttons that you can use while playing which will make you feel away from the real world. 


2016 was a great year for smart gadgets. Even though technology keeps on advancing every day, there are some times where it completely blows your mind. We can safely say that 2016, was a mind-blowing year for us.

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