Smart Gadgets With Top Smart Home Protection Features

top smart gadgets

With more technological advancements, the technology that goes into making top smart gadgets continues to improve. Gadgets help people accomplish things and make life easier. Smartphones are a great example of one of these gadgets that helps us communicate with others, stay in touch, and make simple purchases while we are on the go. Here is a list of some of the top smart home gadgets on the market today:

Amazon Echo – Top Smart Gadgets

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Home automation is now big business. Home automation allows you to control your lights, temperature, and many other aspects of your home from the internet. The Amazon Echo is one of the many devices of this type that you can purchase to take advantage of all that automation. You can set up alerts to get your coffee making ready in the morning, have music playing in the background when you walk through the door, turn on the camera so you can see who is at the door, and so much more. This makes smart gadgets such as the Amazon Echo extremely popular among consumers.


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This is another one of the top smart home gadgets that helps you not only enjoy the comfort of your own home theater but also with all of the electronics that go along with it. You can control all of the electronics in your iControl simply by linking them to your laptop or computer. What makes this device so popular is that you are able to use it regardless of where you happen to be because it is an internet appliance.


This is another internet appliance that works wonders for the home. Not only does it allow you to listen to music and watch TV, but you can even control every aspect of your Zazoo digital library. This is another one of the top smart home gadgets that really proves that you don’t have to be stuck in the same old boring television watching the same shows day after day.


If you are looking for an internet smart home gadget that will allow you to get involved with your television watching and movie watching at the same time, then look no further than iControl. You will love how easy this device makes it possible for you to change the channel, change the picture, and play a variety of different media without ever getting up from your seat. You will appreciate this convenience for a lifetime. All you have to do is connect your iControl box to your television set and start enjoying your favorite shows or movies right from your computer desk.

Philips Hue

If you want to take your smart home experience to the next level, you should look no further than the Philips Hue. This is a smart lighted hue control system that allows you to enjoy bright colors and turn your lights on or off as you please. This truly offers something for everyone regardless of what their interest is. For example, if you are interested in nature, you can change the hue to make your surroundings look like a tropical forest. On the other hand, if you are looking for something a little more sleek and stylish, you can get the Philips Hue smart lighted humidifier.

Amazon Echo

One of the top smart home gadgets on the market today is the Amazon Echo. This voice assistant is capable of many different tasks, including controlling your television, controlling the weather, controlling the temperature, and asking you questions by using natural language commands. Best of all, this all takes place without you ever having to utter a single word. In addition, Alexa can also be used to play games, control your entertainment system, and check the weather forecast.

Smart Home Monitoring System

Last but certainly not least, you have to consider Smart House Monitoring Systems. These systems are designed to keep an eye on your home when you are away and can even track your comings and goings. In some cases, this can be extremely useful in protecting your home against theft or fire. Not only will you have an actual live person watching your house, but they will be able to respond to problems much faster than if you were to handle such a situation yourself. While most of these systems cost a few hundred dollars, they are definitely worth the price if protection is what you are looking for.

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