Smart Home Technology Ideas From 2016 That Might Be Of Use

An open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

Today the world has changed so much. Day by day innovations have become a common part of one’s life. There have been many gadgets today which are made of new technologies which are extremely helpful to people in many ways. The gadgets today not only look beautiful but also looks attractive and are a smart choice to consider. There have been many increased features with which these gadgets are launched every year. Therefore, here are some amazing smart gadgets which were released in the year 2016. This whole information would take one back into the awesome Smart Gadgets 2016 releases where one might feel nostalgic about it. 

Nanoleaf Aurora

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In the list of best Smart Gadgets 2016, the first one is the Nanoleaf aurora product. This smart gadget is for home purposes. It is a smart light that became very famous in the year 2016. It’s very attractive in looks. One can use this gadget to brighten up the room or to decorate the wall with a unique art feature. It can also be combined with buying as many Nanoleaf Aurora pieces as one wants as it comes in various shapes. It gives a beautiful look to the room wall and makes one feel comfortable and happy. There are also many more features to it. The most attractive feature is the controls of the gadget. This gadget accepts Siri commands for IOS people. 

Skybell’s HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

The next one is the HD Wi-Fi Doorbell in the list of some amazing Smart Gadgets 2016. There are already a lot of smart gadgets which are available for home security purposes. But this amazing gadget helps one to choose the HD video to connect feature with the doorbell. There are a lot of other features which it comes with. Firstly, it has a crystal clear 1080p resolution. It can also record the clip in a third party and it also comes with some free storage. 

One can also control it through Amazon Alexa. This amazing product from the Smart Gadgets 2016 list not only gives one amazing feature for making the home smart and safe but also helps one to have an improved attractive new technology home security version of doorbell answering. The recorded clips can be used as proof for your own help. This amazing product has HD video quality, and it can be operated on one mobile phone also, plus it has Wi-Fi.

Chromecast Ultra

In the list of amazing Smart Gadgets 2016 that was launched in the year 2016, the last but not least is Chromecast ultra. Google made this product, which makes sure that its streaming platform is ready for the 4k experience in the year 2016. This is still a hit in the smart gadgets lists after being launched for so many years. There are also many other features that it comes with. It helps to stream a high resolution for having a better viewing experience and it also has a faster network speed. It has a built-in ethernet port, and the best feature for one is that it works with google home. One can connect the two devices and control them vocally. As it became so much popular after its launch with other Smart Gadgets in 2016, after some time Google launched the Chromecast ultra 2. 


With the new technology, life becomes easy and comfortable. This was the whole tour of the amazing smart gadgets that were released in 2016 and the companies have now also released better-upgraded versions of it in the market. Make sure to check upon these cool gadgets.

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