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smart home technology

Home automation or domotic is basically building customized automation for a whole house, termed a smart home. Basically, a smart home is a house that can be fully automated. It can also contain integrated home security including alarm systems and access control. Domotic is growing in popularity since it makes life easier by giving homeowners the chance to have a more relaxing lifestyle. With this growing trend of having a smart home, here are some home automation facts to consider:

Lighting automation is one of the smart home technology features that provides homeowners an efficient way of lighting their houses. This is a system wherein the central unit of the system is connected to different lighting devices within a room or even outdoors. Thus, by using this kind of lighting automation, homeowners can change the lights’ mode from emergency to regular and vice versa depending on the situation. This feature helps them save energy by reducing the amount of light turning out during daytime and saves energy consumption for the whole house.

An Overview

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Amazon Echo is another popular smart home technology device. It is basically a voice-recognition device wherein a user can speak commands such as “turn on the lights” or “play some music.” The device has a microphone as well as speakers that can be connected to your TV. Through this, you don’t need to use a lamp to make the television work; you just say “play” and Echo would start playing some music in the room. Thus, not only can it be used as a radio but it also has a speaker so that you can talk into it.

Another smart home technology fact is the built-in security. Installing door sensors in the doors of the house can protect it from unwanted visitors. For added security, you can also get motion detectors that will trigger the system when someone passes by. You can also get some smart appliances such as thermostats and blinds that you can program to control your home environment. These smart appliances are very efficient and will help you save electricity and money. In addition, having these smart appliances in your homes can help you reduce energy consumption thus helping to save the environment as well.

Smartphone is another smart home technology where you can control your electronic gadgets through your smartphone using a Bluetooth. All the gadgets such as camera, clock, alarm clock and other electronic gadgets can be controlled with your smartphone using this new age technology. Some of the most popular smartphone in the market today is the iPhone which has an amazing feature wherein it allows controlling many devices including camera, clock, TV set, alarm clock and many others with the use of a smartphone.

Smart Home Technology

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One of the most popular smart home technology devices is the smart thermostat. With this device you can set the temperature of your homes to whatever level you like according to what the temperature is outside. It gives you the opportunity to save more energy because it will only turn on your heating system when the room is cool enough. One of the best applications of the thermostat is using it with the right app for your phones.

The third popular smart home technology is the artificial intelligent or AIs that provides homeowners with information on the status of their homes. With this advanced technology, you will not have to manually open and close the windows and doors anymore because it will automatically do everything for you. The AIs uses the gathered data from your home automation system to detect when something is wrong in your home and then give you alerts on different platforms such as SMS, Facebook and others. This is one of the best smart home technologies that provides homeowners a lot of savings because it will not only detect problems in your homes but also prevent them from occurring.

The last but definitely not the least among the most common smart home technologies is the Remote Desktop Software for Windows operating system. With this application you can control your computer via your smart phones from anywhere in the world you want. The most convenient thing about Remote Desktop Software for Windows is that you can use it to control several computers at once without having to move from where you are sitting. All you need is a PC and a smartphone to be able to use the software.

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