Smart Kitchen Gadgets For a More Tasty Life

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From your morning cup of coffee to feeding a big family, these smart kitchen gadgets do all the work for you, with just a few touch-points. They monitor what’s going in the refrigerator, alerting you with a text message if items are out of stock or giving you real-time control over the kitchen from your fingertips. Take back control of the kitchen and cook fresh food in an easy way, and use those smart kitchen gadgets to do all the heavy lifting for you. Just keep reading to learn how.

One of the smartest gadgets for your kitchen is probably your Kitchen Aid Artisan Series 5-Smart Stick Blender. It’s perfect for quick mixes, especially when you don’t have time to whip up a meal but need it to be ready the next day. You can also use it to puree sauces and dressings for things like pasta, soups, desserts, and more. This versatile device can even be programmed to work on different recipes, so you never have to wonder what to make for dinner. You can trust the touch screen for functions that matter most to you, and these innovative, smart kitchen gadgets can help you save money and time by doing the mixing and stirring jobs for you so you can spend your valuable time enjoying the foods you create.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

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The Blender patented Smart Blend technology lets you slow down the cooking process for a fresher tasting dish. This advanced blending system gives you ultimate control over the cooking process, allowing you to blend ingredients in just the right amounts and at the right times to develop your signature meals. If you aren’t moving through the meal preparation stages as quickly as you’d like, the built-in blender setting allows you to slow the cooking process to an appropriate speed for the dough or soup, making it easier and quicker to prepare and enjoy your meal. No more rushing through the blender stage to bring the food to a speedy pace, thanks to the innovative blenders built into smart kitchen appliances.

Another one of the smart kitchen gadgets that make cooking simply is the Crock-Pot. This convenient slow cooker has been a staple in the professional cook’s kitchen for years, providing users the ability to make the best use of their limited time. When the lid is on, it looks just like a regular pot and can be used like one, making sure you have plenty of space for everything from pasta to soup and everything in between. Plus, this handy appliance allows you to bring your favorite flavors with you when you travel because it has both a warm and dry setting for any recipe. No more waiting until you are home to prepare a tasty meal because your favorite recipe needs a little extra attention now that it’s ready.

A Much Ado

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And finally, for those of you who are looking for smart kitchen gadgets that can be used in the oven or even the freezer, look no further than the Cuisinart Oven Plus. This appliance is designed to be smart and handy, using on-off control to turn off the heat without turning the oven on. It has a programmable oven, which means you can set the clock and timer before you leave for work or have some late-night snacks, and then come home to an already prepared dinner that’s ready to go. In addition, this smart appliance also offers a convection cooking feature that allows you to evenly heat your favorite foods and cook them to perfection each time. You can also find several other useful features on this popular appliance, such as a whisk and zipper lock bagging, which prevent spillage and save your counter space. All in all, this appliance is a great choice for anyone who wants smart appliances but doesn’t want to sacrifice quality.

Smart Microwaves – These smart kitchen gadgets are so smart they can actually help you save money on your energy bill. In fact, many microwaves have settings that allow the time you cook your food to determine how much energy it uses, so you can choose the exact amount of time that you wish to cook your meals, rather than relying on the numbers in the on-screen clock. For example, you can adjust the time your food cooks based on the color of the vegetable, thereby maximizing your meals’ browning and crispiness without having to guess. Other cooking options include having the microwave pre-program your ingredients and cooking time, or having the device learn your cooking preferences from reading recipes. Either way, this appliance makes cooking delicious and healthy fast and easy.

Smart Refrigerators

Who wants to spend more than necessary on an appliance? The refrigerator is another smart kitchen gadget that will make your life easier in more ways than one. You can now store many more items inside your fridge, which will save you both time and money by cutting down on the amount of space you need to store perishable goods. Other smart kitchen gadgets such as the automatic icemaker let you enjoy fresh cold drinks whenever you’re in the mood, eliminating the need to run to the store and bring the frozen items back to the fridge.

Bottom Line 

Other smart kitchen gadgets such as the microwave, toaster, and flat-screen t.v., allow you to prepare meals ahead of time, so you don’t have to waste time running out to the store to find a toaster that you already bought. If you need to make a decision to buy a toaster or a coffee maker, take the time to compare features and prices between different models. Not only will you be able to make the best decision for your family’s needs, but you’ll also end up saving a lot of money when you consider how much you use your smart kitchen appliances each month.

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