Tech Gifts To Include In Your Smart Gadgets Plan

smart gadgets plan

There’s no reason to lie: tech presents are the greatest. Practical (because you can’t go wrong and you can conveniently order them online), still welcomed (because they’re instrumental), and, as though they weren’t enough, they’re still straightforward to wrap when opposed to a vase or a purse. To choose one that’s perfect for you or for the person you want to give a present to, you’re spoiled for choice. We have chosen the latest, most stunning, and most attractive engineering gadgets.

The New AirPods Max

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The evolution of the AirPods has an over-ear design with high fidelity audio. And to match all tastes (and all iPhones), they come in five colors: space gray, silver, light blue, green, and pink. Transparency Mode (to simultaneously listen to music and ambient noise), adaptive equalizer, and spatial audio, the AirPods Max automatically identifies when the user is wearing them thanks to the optical and position sensors and starts playback audio, which can be caused by removing the headphones or lifting an ear cushion.

An Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer To Kill All Bacteria

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Hi-Gens by Cellularline is an UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) sterilization with ultraviolet (UV) light with UV-C wavelength. Translated, it means that in just one minute, it eliminates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria present on objects that can be inserted inside it: smartphones, keys, glasses, masks, coins, and everything that adapts to the size of the box.

An Instant Developing Camera

Instax mini LiPlay is a 2 in 1 camera that can be used as an instant camera and as a printer for photos taken with your smartphone (using the free Instax mini Liplay app available for Apple and Android). Despite being the most compact Instax, there is an LCD screen so you can see what you are photographing. And it allows you to combine your images with a soundtrack: press the record button on the front of LiPlay and then press the button to take the photo.

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Also Washes

Explorer Series 60 is Rowenta’s latest robot vacuum cleaner capable of vacuuming and washing the floors of the house simultaneously, thanks to the Aqua Force system equipped with a scrubbing cloth, which guarantees a 2-in-1 action to save even more time. With its 6 centimeters in height, it can reach even the most challenging and hostile areas, passing under low furniture, to quickly remove dust and allergens.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The new Nespresso Vertuo Plus machine allows you to explore the full range of coffee styles, with five different sizes, from espresso to very long. With a unique dispensing system based on Centrifusion technology, the machine reads the bar code present on each capsule and, while the capsule rotates on itself, the device adjusts the dispensing parameters to best extract the precious aromas contained in each capsule.

Last On The List: A Soundbar To Make TV Audio A Unique Experience

The SN9YG soundbar from LG is developed in collaboration with Meridian Audio – a pioneer of high-resolution audio from the UK – and offers the highest quality audio, simplified connectivity, intelligent functionality, and elegant design. Rich, lifelike sound captivates with precision and depth, while AI Room Calibration technology optimizes output by automatically adapting the sound to the surrounding environment for a cinematic experience.

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