The Truth Behind Wanting New Gadgets

Is It Really Necessary To Have New Gadgets

Tech companies launch new products almost every single year. One of the most common reasons for that is because they know that people will go crazy over the new gadgets. It usually does not matter what the new features of a new gadget are, the only thing that people see is the fact that it is the latest one in the market, and they need to have it.

Experts believe that if this is something that does not harm the person in any way, then there is nothing wrong with it. However, there is now what they refer to as FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out. When there is a new gadget that has been released, like a new smartphone, people with FOMO will do whatever it takes so they could buy one.

Is It Really Necessary To Have New Gadgets

Technology Is A Good Thing Or A Curse?

Here comes that billion-dollar question. Whether the advancement of science and technology is beneficial for us or they are leading us to nowhere? As I mentioned above, you cannot deny the influence of modern gadgets. A GPS enabled device will help you to find out a new location easily. You can track your child with the help of this device. This is required for the sake of safety.

On the contrary, owning the latest devices sometimes becomes an obsession. We can’t sleep peacefully without buying it, and we no longer care about the money we spend on it, it is becoming like a mild addiction.   

Is It Really Necessary To Have New Gadgets

Do You Want Or Need A New Gadget?

Maybe your friend has bought a new one. That does not mean that you must buy the most recent version only to surpass him. The companies will continue research on consumer’s feedback and bring something new with improved features. If they don’t do it, they will not survive in this competitive market. But that does not apply to you. Your device is working superbly. Then why are you getting crazy about purchasing another one? Just to show the world that you have it? This is not the way a sensible person should think of. Go for t if you need it.

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Think Twice Before Buying A New Gadget

We make a quick decision for buying a new one out of impulsion. We don’t even compare the features of the existing one with the one I intend for.  Within a few days, we discover that there are no extra significant features. It is not worth it. You will totally misuse your money. The market is flooded with thousands of devices, and every single day, some new is being introduced. Does it mean that you will buy a new device daily? Go by the quality, not the image. If you love to watch science fiction, go for the equipment that is specially manufactured for it to experience some different effects.  And an ordinary device is not capable of providing that kind of experience. This is the one you need. Investing in it is meaningful.


We are living in a world of modern science. By its grace, our life has turned out to be easier. Determine the functionalities of the device carefully. If it genuinely has some improved features that will make your life more convenient, grab it. Never get addicted to those. Don’t let technology drive our minds. Make sure it is only a vital possession to make our life smoother. So choose your gadgets wisely and only the ones that are indispensable.

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