Top Cool Gadgets For Your Car

cool gadgets for your car

Every driver wants to have a handy cool gadget for their car that will make their life a lot easier. One such handy gadget is the Bluetooth driver. By simply adding this car accessory, you can increase the range of your Bluetooth device and make it possible for you to control it within a few feet of your car. This means you won’t have to get out of your car to open your Bluetooth transmitter just to check the battery level or adjust the volume. This device is very beneficial, especially for long drives or trips where you’ll need to stay in touch with the office, home, or other tasks you need to accomplish.

An Overview

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Another car gadget that is gaining popularity is the tire pressure gauge. Did you know that these gadgets can actually help you save fuel? There are many gadgets today that can tell you what your tire pressure is. For example, a tire pressure gauge can tell you if you need to add more air in order to have better traction. Some even measure your engine oil level. But the most popular gadget for engines is the pressure gauge.

The biggest advantage of having a pressure gauge is not only can it gauge your tire pressure, but it can also tell you how hot your engine is while you are driving. That is important because hot tires can be a very bad problem when you are driving. Another advantage is that these gadgets can keep you aware of the current fuel prices in the area you are traveling to ensure you get the best deal. A rooftop cargo net is another helpful gadget for your driving experience.

Best Gadgets

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A cigarette lighter is also one of the top picks for gadgets for cars. Some prefer to use these as a back up when they have to access their car interiors. If you choose this as your goal, make sure it has some compartments that are removable so you can stow it away between trips. A cigarette lighter is a handy gadget to keep in your trunk. It will keep you from digging around in your trunk to get your lighter.

Another great gadget to carry around is a Bluetooth enabled cellphone or PDA. There is no reason to have to stop your daily commute simply because you don’t have your phone with you. When you need to make a phone call, all you have to do is put the device in your pocket and tap the Bluetooth icon. You can immediately receive a phone call. These gadgets also come with a photo credit system that allows you to snap a picture of your ride and post it on the Internet for all to see.

Other Devices

Another useful device for your driving experience is the handheld mirror. Some people refer to these as blind spots monitors. These handy gadgets allow you to see what is behind you even without turning your head. Some of the newer models of these devices come with built-in GPS so you can get directions right on your mirror. This is a great way to avoid rush hour traffic and make sure you avoid making a terrible mistake down the road.

Some people prefer to leave their car interior items in their glove compartment rather than their trunk. If you carry your keys in your pocket instead of your cell phone in your purse, you can be sure someone is going to steal it. The latest addition to this list is a cigarette lighter. A small convenient gadget, the cigarette lighter fits in your jeans pocket and allows you to keep your hands free to make your call or transfer money.


If you are planning a trip, you should always bring with you an emergency kit. This includes non-stick gloves, a flashlight, anti-freeze, a can of rescue breathing gas, a can of compressed oxygen, and other items deemed necessary by the National Park Service. An extra can of beans in your car gulp or a can of oil, lunch or dinner in the wilderness, is also a wise choice. Even if you have brought along your laptop with you, an anti-virus software and a compact disk are also good additions to your emergency kit. This car gadget has enabled many people to have peace of mind while they travel and by having the various options available, you are assured of convenience wherever you go.

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