Unique Mobile Gadgets For You

Unique Mobile Gadgets

Mobile phones have become part of us, we can’t do without them and we are always looking for a way to improve our experience with our phone. We use our phones for communication, studies, leisure, payment of bills, learning skills, making money, and other things. But hey, have you heard of some awesome unique mobile gadgets that take as if they come out of a sci-fi book? If you have not heard about them, you’ll after reading this article.

Tile mate

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This is a multi-purpose tracker that lets your phone find lost objects. This smart gadget connects with your phone through bluetooth and it can be attached to anything that is at risk of getting lost.

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Not only objects, Tile mate also helps you to find your phone. To enable this, Just double press it and your phone will ring! You can also ask the tile user community to help you find your lost belongings and keep you Anonymous. Isn’t this an interesting tracker?

Pico genie

Lift master

You can insert it in all the entrances of your house or office and it will enable you to open and close doors with your smartphone, Set a door locking schedule, and receive alerts.

Crash sensor

This is for bike users that want to feel safe and secure when traveling, Ice dot is a smart crash sensor that connects itself with your bike’s helmet and detects dangerous accidents! When you pair it with it’s app on your phone it will alert you with an alarm or text message when it detects critical forces, it will also send GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts.

Xenbo Pro lens kit

The kit contains a


These are few unique mobile gadgets to improve your life, security and make you happy, other mobile gadgets include, mobile thermometer, mini cell phone fan, smartphone projector and other.

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