Useful Gadgets For Smart Home

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We’re gonna look at 6 gadgets that can help you save time and energy and some of them can enhance the security of your house. All of these gadgets are chosen from a wide range of home gadgets and equipment. Have a look at them, you’re gonna love these.

1.Switch Bot Curtain

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Install this bot on one side of your curtain and it will allow you to control your curtains with the help of a mobile application. Not just that, you can also set a timer for opening and closing the curtains.

2.S1 Smart Lock

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This is a high-tech smart lock for your doors that can be unlocked with your fingerprints, password, or by using your smartphone. You can even be locked or unlocked by using voice commands with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This lock turns your house into a safe and smart house. This door lock also gets locked automatically when you get in or get out.

3.HPRT Wireless Printer

We all feel the need of having a printer sometimes, but not everyone likes those heavy and bulky printers. So if you need a compact and smart printer then go for this one. This printer is so small that you can carry it along with you. It has wireless connectivity and can be used to print things via your computer or smartphone. To print, put the paper inside it from one side and it will come out printed from another.

4.Nimble Finger Knife

This is probably the smallest knife that you’d ever see. You just need to fit it at the top of your index finger or any finger according to your comfort and then you can use it to cut through things like paper and plastic. Since it’s just a small knife, you won’t be able to make deep cuts and cut through fruits and vegetables, etc. But it’s not meant to do those things anyway. It does what it is meant to do; to cut through thin objects and allowing users to carry a cutting tool to open packets or cut through papers.

5.Smart Safes

There are two versions of this smart safe, One works as a wall mount and another one looks like an AC duct. But inside them, there is a secret locker that can be used to safely hide your money and small stuff. These smart safes can be unlocked with a mobile application or infrared sensor that is built into these smart safes.

6.Appbot Riley

It’s a small robotic camera that you can use to keep an eye on your house.It has 4 wheels and can be controlled from a smartphone. The camera on top of it can move in different directions.  It has a high-definition camera that can live stream visuals on your phone. When it detects any unauthorized activity in your house, it sends a notification on your device. But the best feature of this bot is its self-charging system. When the battery gets low, this bot finds its charging station and moves on top of it on its own, isn’t it amazing?


All the above-mentioned gadgets are easily available online on stores such as amazon. You can buy them to turn your house into a smart, convenient and safe house, hope you’re gonna love them.

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