What You Must Know About Inspector Gadgets Car

inspector gadgets car

Released in the year 1999, Inspector gadget is an American Comedy Spy movie that left a mark on the hearts of the audience’s. The plot of the movie entails a lot of technology that goes to inspire the next generation of sci-fi movies. The protagonist of the film is an aspiring police inspector who is stuck with the job of a security guard. At the time he was guarding the gates of the Bradford Robotics laboratory. The owner of the lab Artemus Bradford was engaged in building a lifelike robotic foot along with his daughter.

The Inspector Gadgets Car Story

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An evil Sanford Scolex steals the robotic leg to build his own android army and in the process murders Bradford. John Brown who lives in Riverton Ohio with his niece Penny chases the car Scolex drives and tries to save the Robotic leg. However in a series of chase, John’s hatchback clashes with Scolex’s Limousine and gets blown up in his own vehicle. On the other hand, Scolex loses his left hand as a bowling ball crushes it while he crashes.

The Inspector Gadget’s Rise

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Brenda, the daughter of Bradford, decides to use John’s barely alive body for a test in the Gadget Program. With the help of technology she transformed him into a cyborg designed to fight crime in the city. On the other hand Scolex who has known Brenda since their days in the University invites her to work for his own program as she no longer works for her father’s project. Brenda, who has no idea of Scolex’s real intention and identity, works in her lab to build his ambitious robot.

On the other hand, Inspector Gadget is given menial jobs under the Chief police and is unhappy with it. He decides to independently investigate the murder of Bradford and bring the criminal Scolex’s plan to light. In his mission he is assisted by Artificial Intelligence powered mobile that is unique and different from other cars.

The Inspector Gadgets Car Climax

Scolex designs many android robots and a lookalike of Brenda so that he can capture the entire city. He also asks Brenda to design a Robo-gadget so that he can track Inspector Gadget and frame him. On the other hand, the inspector gadget makes his way into the lab and finds the original robot leg. Scolex found him and tracked him down with the chip that controlled his and broke him into pieces. The robo gadget threw him into a junkyard.


In summation, it was the AI powered gadget car or mobile that saved his life. It could track his location and lead Brenda and others there. The gadget car had eyes in its headlights and even had four eyes instead of two. Moreover, it had a vending machine that served McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Sprite and M&Ms. The car could camouflage itself and a jet engine among other things.

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