What You Should Know About Inspector Gadget Mobile

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Inspector Gadget was a tv show known for the fun characters, a well-written storyline, and most especially the cool gadgets. It ran for 86 episodes after debuting in 1983. There’s another thing that does stand out if you’ve ever watched the tv show. It is the renowned inspector gadget’s vehicles, the gadget mobile. Gadget mobile possesses numerous technological enhancements that enable it to assist the inspector not only when solving crimes, but also in his personal life. We discuss what you should know about inspector gadget mobile.

What Vehicle Is The Gadget Mobile Based On

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There have been lots of debates centering around what vehicle the blue and white police car is based. Some have pointed out the resemblance between the car and a 1983 Toyota Celica Supra P-Type. Others have compared the police car to a Matra Murena, a 1981 Delorean, a Polski Fiat 1100 Coupe, a Lancia Beta Montecarlo Spyder, and even a Lotus Esprit.

Why is it compared to these many cars? It should be noted that sports cars from the time mostly have similar physical features, hence that many comparisons. Out of all these cars however, it is the Toyota Celica Supra P-Type comparison that takes prominence; this is due to the fact that this fact was indicated on the tv show’s wiki page.

When the gadget mobile transformed into the form of a family van, fans saw the similarities with a Toyota Van of that time. To be candid however, it looked like most 1980 vans.

During the live action movies of Inspector Gadget, the car is really recognised. A customised 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible was used. The car was voiced by D. L. Hughley. It was pretty awesome to get the live action version of the gadget mobile that could actually move, however the gadget mobile from the cartoons got superior qualities and was cooler.

What Purpose Does The Gadget Mobile Serve

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The gadget mobile could be switched from one mode to the other. The first mode is the van mode. Gadget mobile as a van serves the inspector in his personal life, like when he goes to the airport with Penny.

The second mode is the police car mode. This is the mode we mostly saw on the show. Despite being faster than the van mode, the police car mode also had some features that endeared us to the show; like the claw at the front.


The gadget mobile is certainly one that will forever be legendary if you ever watched Inspector Gadget. It exposed the young viewers to the world of automobiles. It could switch between two modes and also had some cool features to help the inspector. We discuss what you should know about Inspector Gadget Mobile.

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